When you join will automatically get a Membership Account. You'll then have access to our other savings plans and products.

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Joining is easy. You can join online  or download a membership application form and send it to us. Alternately call us on 0800 902 0021 (now free from landlines and mobiles) to speak to a member of the team.

When you join you automatically get a Membership Account. You’ll need to put £5 into your account to get started and once you’re a member you can start saving or borrowing money.

You can choose to save into your membership account, or choose from a range of additional savings products to suit you.

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Save Regularly and Save Worrying

We know times are tough and it's never easy to save money. But we also know that unless you start, however small, you'll continue to worry about not having enough set aside to pay for the important things in life.


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